Ray Slick on bass   -    LT    -   The Williams Twins and Barb Kuntz on ukulele

LT and his Hula Shack display

In 1960 Leonard left the road and opened his own music store in his hometown, Hanover, PA and went back to teaching until 1993.

During this time he became music director of a, well known, weekly country music show on the east coast called "The Appalachian Jubilee" hosting such stars as Randy Travis, Lou Dewitt, Phil Campbell, Randy Parton, and many others. This show became a springboard for some up and coming country music talent.

After closing his music store, LT went back on the road.

LT is now an older gentleman who still loves his music and still travels doing shows, seminars and working with some Nashville stars.

In 2000 he journeyed to old Burma with a missionary group. While there one of the things he did was introduce the steel guitar to these people and demonstrate how it was played. 

The people there seemed to really like the sound of Hawaiian Music.  He left the instrument, there at the school, in hopes that someone would learn to play it.

LT attends the Aloha International Steel Guitar Convention each year held in Winchester, IN. He plays on the show there and conducts seminars and lectures.

He travels to Hawaii to attend the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Assoc. held there every 2nd year. While there, he has had the opportunity to play with some of Hawaii's most outstanding musicians and singers.  To be able to to do that has fulfilled his lifelong dreams.

Currently LT attends Scotty's International Steel Guitar Convention held in St Louis MO. every year around Labor Day. He is so thrilled to be staff Rhythm Guitar player with Bobby Caldwell and the band.

LT also puts together and is Master Ceremonies of the Hawaiian Room at the Convention.

Quote from L T  "What a pleasure it is to be working with all of these great musicians, Thanks Guys, Love Ya!"

In closing Leonard always gives all the glory and praise to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, to the glory of GOD The Father, who allows all these things to become real. Always, thanks his mother who is dearest to him.
Is forever grateful to his many friends.


Jimmy Day         LT           Bob Mackiel 

Bud Carter  -  Tom Brumley  -  LT  -  Jimmy Day  -  Reece Anderson

Bobby Ingano,  Alvino Rey,  LT,   George Kuo, Duke Ching from Hawaii


LT with Billy Robinson          -            LT with John Hughey

LT with Speedy West

Jerry Rivers               LT                 Don Helms


son Tom and Dad
Tom is a Drummer in PA


    Rocky Reidel                          LT                  William "Smoky" Roberts
 Drummer                        Steel Guitar                      Accortion         
The Remaining 101 Ranch Boys - 2009


LT with Duncan Renaldo the "Cisco Kid",
 one of many western cowboys he worked with




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